Bedfordshire Sands

Bedfordshire Sands AGM 2023 - Meeting Minutes

Please find attached the meeting minutes and annual reports from our AGM which was held on 13th July. As Laura Edwards has stepped down from the role of Chair, it was a good time to hold elections and select a new committee.

Bedfordshire Sands Committee:

  • Chair = Paolo Barbarisi
  • Treasurer = Paolo Barbarisi
  • Secretary = Dalbir Sehmbi
  • Hospital Liaison Officer = Gemma Barbarisi
  • IT Admin = Dalbir Sehmbi
  • Befriender = Gemma Barbarisi
  • Community Engagement Officer = Sandeep Sehmbi

As you can see from the list, we have multiple volunteers carrying out a number of roles. We are doing our best to keep the group going and are fully committed to providing a service to everyone in the Bedfordshire area. But we do need help as it is not sustainable to function effectively as a group with such little resource. If anyone would like to help out in any way then please could they get in touch with me (or another member of the Committee) and discuss this further. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, as your new Chair, I would like to thank Laura Edwards and Claire Ashley for their commitment and dedication to Bedfordshire Sands in achieving what we have over recent years.